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Oct 10

Basketball Canada: Sport’s Most Overlooked Sponsorship?

College freshmen – much less an incoming Canadian kid – rarely make the cover of Sports Illustrated. Today it was revealed that Andrew Wiggins of Vaughan, Ontario is bestowed that honour. Wiggins represents just one component of the most overlooked … Read More

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Oct 07

Drake Partnership Classic Case of Deflecting Attention

The on-court fortunes of Toronto Raptors are bleak – bleak as they’ve been for over a decade. So Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment brass did the only thing they could do – deflect attention away from the court by introducing Toronto-born … Read More

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Jul 03

Championship Branding Hits the Big Leagues

Now that the NHL Stanley Cup has been awarded to the Chicago Blackhawks and LeBron James and Co. have secured a second consecutive Larry O’Brien trophy, sports fans all across North America can finally take a deep breathe. In what … Read More

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May 10

Leiweke Must Build Championship Mentality, Not Just Payroll.

Two ends of the sports spectrum collided in one of North America’s largest sports markets this week. On one end, exuberant joy of the Toronto Maple Leafs. On the other, complete frustration of the Blue Jays. In the middle of … Read More

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Apr 27

Pro Jerseys a Great Fit for Social Causes

Corporate logos on team uniforms is not a new phenomenon, its visibility dependent on sporting tradition in various countries. While North American leagues struggle with its merits, a more socially acceptable form of marketing has taken over pro jerseys. Cause … Read More

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Apr 19

Business Model of Modern Olympics Threatened

Last Friday came. Last Friday went. Little to report. This summarized the news coming out of New York, where the NHL, NHLPA, International Ice Hockey Federation [IIHF] and the International Olympic Committee [IOC] gathered in the latest attempt to reach … Read More

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Apr 09

Sponsors Bring Sport’s Holy Grails to the Common Man

Over a two-week span in early April, two of the world’s most celebrated Championship trophies make public appearances right here in Toronto. While the timing may be a coincidence, the rare appearances represent a trend in sports marketing that’s gaining … Read More

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Mar 31

Beware The Dark Side of Sport

Recent developments at the highest level of international sport have caused the world to re-examine the transformative power of sport. Firm believers in its positive strength have seen a dark side – a side that has dire consequences which extend … Read More

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